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Premier Lash Salon in Pioneer Square, Seattle


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lashes by erin - full set lashes - seattle downtown
Premier Lash Set - Lashes and Waxing by Erin - Pioneer Square Seattle

Rachel Vogel
May 3 - 8:34 PM


Erin is amazing!  I have her do all my waxing, and facials.  In particular she did my lashes for my wedding and they were stunning.  I had lots of compliments, especially from my photographer.  Even close up you couldn't tell that they were not my natural lashes.  They were full and natural.  Her work is impeccable, and her demeanor is professional, inviting and friendly.

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Kylie Waibel
Aug 19 - 8:58 PM


Erin is my one and only lash lady!  She is amazing!  Every time I walk out of an appointment with her, I feel like a dang Disney princess!  She is fast, thorough and does an incredible job, every single time!  I'm certainly her forever client!

5 star lashes and waxing seattle wa.png

Shane Suelen
Mar 26 - 4:27 AM


My first time getting my lashes done with Erin and she did a very nice job on my eyelashes.  She was very professional.  My eyebrows and lashes looked great and I get compliments all the time.  Also, I love her music playlist! 

5 star lashes and waxing seattle wa.png

Catherine Lin
Jun 22 - 10:12 AM


Been a client of Erin's for about a year now for Brazilian waxing and she does a fantastic job each time!  She's efficient, considerate, kind, and I look forward to getting my lashes done with her as well later this summer.

5 star lashes and waxing seattle wa.png

Tasha Skolnick
Jan 4 - 9:13 PM


Easy to book, communicated well with time changes, friendly service.

5 star lashes and waxing seattle wa.png

Kristin Trussel
Jun 4 - 10:09 AM


Erin is simply the best!  She has mad skills getting the perfect lashes.  I love her!

5 star lashes and waxing seattle wa.png

Angie Fox-Mohsenian
May 16 - 10:30 PM


Erin is a great person and a wonderful esthetician!  My lashes look so real and so pretty I feel 10 years younger!  I love that I can wear less makeup!  No messy mascara or eyeliner!!!!  It's fantastic!!!  They bothered me a bit at the beginning but I just put soothe eye drops in and I was good to go!  You will be so happy with Erin's work!

5 star lashes and waxing seattle wa.png

Laura Meredith
May 16 - 1:14 PM


My first evening after getting my lashes done, I went to a wedding reception, and the bride told me how beautiful I looked before I could say it to her!

5 star lashes and waxing seattle wa.png

Na N
Apr 4 - 7:16 PM



5 star lashes and waxing seattle wa.png
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Our Services

Top quality eyelash extensions and full body waxing! Extreme attention to detail, efficiency and quality. All services are held in a private Esthetician room.  Located in Downtown Seattle's beautiful and historical Pioneer Square. Our lash services include Classic lash extensions, Volume lash extensions, Lash lift/perm, Lash tinting. Our waxing services include full body waxing, leg waxing, arm waxing, underarm waxing, bikini and (female) Brazilian waxing, back waxing, shoulder waxing, full face waxing, lip waxing, chin waxing, brow waxing and shaping, jawline (sideburn) waxing.

Classic Lash Extensions

The classic 1:1 lash application is a more customizable look ranging from very natural to bold and defined.

Brow and Lash Tinting

Semi-permanent tinting to the eyebrows and/or lashes. Variety of colors available. Typically lasts 3-4 weeks.

Body Waxing

Removal of hair from common areas to the more sensitive areas.  Please note: waxing cannot be done on clients who are taking Accutane, have used retinol or Retin-A within the previous 48 hours.

Volume Lash Extensions

A softer, fuller look than classic lashes utilizing top quality pre-made fans.
*Pre-made dry fans generally maintain integrity better than handmade fans.

Face Waxing

Removal of vellus hair from the face. Includes brow wax. Please note: waxing cannot be done on clients who are taking Accutane, have used retinol or Retin-A within the previous 48 hours.

Lash Perm / Lash Lift with Tint

A great way to enhance your own natural lashes! This is a semi permanent curl to your own lashes lasting approximately four weeks. Included is eyelash tinting to darken your existing lashes. Results can vary depending on lash type and color.


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Seattle, WA 98104





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Lashes and Waxing by Erin offers high-quality eyelash extensions, lash & eyebrow tint, and waxing services to customers in the Seattle, Washington area, including; Downtown Seattle, Pioneer Square, Greenlake, Redmond, Lower Queen Anne, Maple Leaf, Wedgewood, Ravenna, Phinney Ridge, Fremont, Magnolia, Wallingford, Washington.
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How to Use Natural Style Eyelash Extensions and What You Should Know

Many folks who just want to be themselves with a little additional oomph find the natural appearance appealing. And that's why Natural is so beautiful.


Why You Want to Look Natural

The majority of your sense of style is a question of taste. This also applies to your lash style. You might be the kind of person who like to keep things simple, enjoys spending time with family and friends outside, as well as being selfie-ready without necessarily wanting to take center stage.


The Natural Lash style has shorter lashes in the inner corner and a delicate, progressive flare at the outer corner that mimics your natural eye shape.


Keep it simple and save the wild wisps or cat eye form for a subsequent visit if it's your first time. Lash stylists will tell you that after getting their first set of extensions, Lash newcomers frequently stare in the mirror and struggle to get used to such a drastic change in appearance. Because of this, if you are just dipping your toe into lash extensions, the Natural style is a perfect place to start. Additionally, if you've had difficulties in the past extending the lifespan of your lash extensions, you're a good candidate for less-is-more lashes. Don't you detest it when a lash technician at a salon improperly isolates your natural lashes, resulting in breakage, or fails to inform you of the aftercare procedure? I put a lot of effort into making sure you are aware of all your options and what has to be done to get the most of your hard-earned money. The company's Natural appearance will make you look better.


The lash style you select depends on your lifestyle. You don't want to lose focus or be a distraction to others if you spend more time in boardrooms than bistros. Natural Lashes are the way to go. 


Several distinct eye forms, such as almond, projecting, mono-lid, and close-set eyes, can be accommodated by the Natural style extensions. The ideal lash style for your eye and facial shape will be suggested to you by your lash stylist.


Here are some of the elements your stylist will consider while achieving a natural look.


Length - Adding extensions that are only marginally (2mm or less) longer than your natural lashes is one technique to merely accentuate the beauty you already possess.


Diameter - By applying the same reasoning as with length, extensions that are only marginally thicker than your natural lashes give you a subtle boost in appearance.


The curliest type of lash extensions resembles your own lashes in terms of curl. For instance, applying long, straight lashes to a lash line with a curl would not seem natural.


Material: Vegan synthetic lashes, which are pleasant and resemble genuine lashes, are used. They feature a matte finish, which gives them a more realistic appearance than faux mink.


Color - The majority of individuals use black mascara or choose for black extensions, however you can acquire extensions that match your natural blonde or brown lashes if you have them. It's one strategy to make others believe you were born with those puffy features.


Volume: A one-to-one application ratio, where one extension is put to each natural lash, produces the most subdued results. When numerous extensions are glued to one lash, you obtain volume lashes. By sparingly using extensions, your lash artist can reduce the volume.


Style: Because natural eyelashes aren't all the same length and are sometimes shorter at the outer corners, it looks more realistic to stagger the lengths of the extensions. The extension style you select will be softened by less intensive fanning of the strands. A set of hybrid lashes, which use many lash styles, can occasionally provide natural-looking texture and spacing variance.


How Your Lash Style Can Be Affected by Eye Shape

Do you know how your eyes are shaped? If you've never worn eyelashes, you may not have given it much thought, but everyone of us normally has one of four different eye shapes: almond, wide-set, close-set, or hooded.


Your lash stylist will assist you in choosing the ideal look for your eye and face shape, as well as your desired appearance and lifestyle. Your looks are greatly enhanced by the types of lashes you wear (and where they are placed).


The majority of eyelash extensions look terrific on those with almond eyes. Wide-set eyes can be made more centered by wearing extensions that are long and feathery. Any style that places more lashes on the outer will look fantastic on people with close-set eyes. A style with extra lashes in the middle of the lash line will look fantastic because hooded eyes tend to look smaller.


These are the lash options available to you, and your stylist can change any of them.










It makes perfect sense that you would like Natural Lashes, which are the lightest and wispiest.

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