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Why you want to look natural with premier eye lash extensions.

The natural look is the best you possible. Natural eye lash extensions enhance your natural features. Natural eye lash extensions Seattle WA in Pioneer Square.

How to Use Natural Style Eyelash Extensions and What You Should Know

Many folks who just want to be themselves with a little additional oomph find the natural appearance appealing. And that's why Natural is so beautiful.

Why You Want to Look Natural

The majority of your sense of style is a question of taste. This also applies to your lash style. You might be the kind of person who like to keep things simple, enjoys spending time with family and friends outside, as well as being selfie-ready without necessarily wanting to take center stage.

The Natural Lash style has shorter lashes in the inner corner and a delicate, progressive flare at the outer corner that mimics your natural eye shape.

The lash style you select depends on your lifestyle. You don't want to lose focus or be a distraction to others if you spend more time in boardrooms than bistros. Natural Lashes are the way to go.

Here are some of the elements your stylist will consider while achieving a natural look.

Length - Adding extensions that are only marginally (2mm or less) longer than your natural lashes is one technique to merely accentuate the beauty you already possess.

Diameter - By applying the same reasoning as with length, extensions that are only marginally thicker than your natural lashes give you a subtle boost in appearance.

The curliest type of lash extensions resembles your own lashes in terms of curl. For instance, applying long, straight lashes to a lash line with a curl would not seem natural.

Volume: A one-to-one application ratio, where one extension is put to each natural lash, produces the most subdued results. When numerous extensions are glued to one lash, you obtain volume lashes.

Style: Because natural eyelashes aren't all the same length and are sometimes shorter at the outer corners, it looks more realistic to stagger the lengths of the extensions. The extension style you select will be softened by less intensive fanning of the strands.

It makes perfect sense that you would like Natural Lashes, which are the lightest and wispiest.
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