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Your lash appointment - what to expect!
Lashes and Waxing by Erin

What to expect at your next Lashes and Waxing by Erin lash appointment. Come prepared, relaxed and ready to look your best!

If you're a new customer, you are welcome to text Erin about any questions, health issues, allergies, and previous lash extensions before your appointment.

Please be sure to remove your contacts, all makeup, and face (under-eye) moisturizers before your session.

You will have the chance to ask questions, go over your own style preferences, and describe the appearance you're going for during your consultation. In case you're hesitant, Erin can offer advice and create a unique style based on your natural facial characteristics, eye shape, eye color, skin tone, etc. In order to choose appropriate eyelash extension lengths, curls, and thicknesses, your natural lashes will also be examined to determine their health and condition at this time. To determine exactly which extension lengths your natural lashes can support, Erin might measure the length of your eyelashes in millimeters.

Applying extensions that are excessively long, thick, or heavy for the natural lash is a common error committed by untrained or unlicensed eyelash stylists. The natural eyelash may suffer harm as a result of this. You may be confident that Erin has the abilities and know-how to match your natural lashes to the appropriate extensions.

The application of your eyelash extensions is the subsequent stage! This is a very soothing treatment that usually lasts between one and two hours, depending on the service level chosen. Your eyes will be closed as you lay flat on a padded massage table. To guarantee that no upper eyelashes stick to the lower during the procedure, your lower eyelashes will be fastened with a calming under-eye gel pad. After that, your eyelashes will be cleaned with a liquid protein solution or a protein pad to remove any remaining makeup or natural oils. A firm, long-lasting adhesive bond is ensured by thoroughly cleansing the lashes. Then, each individual eyelash extension is placed roughly 1 mm from the lash line of the eyelid to an adult eyelash. A medical-grade glue that is weightless and non-irritating is used to attach the eyelashes. Depending on your desire, Erin can work on one eye at a time or alternate the two. An after-lash sealer will be administered to help maintain and prolong the life of your new eyelash extensions after the procedure is finished.

Your under-eye gel pads will then be removed by Erin. This ends your appointment.  Remember, to book your lash fill during your visit to ensure you're on the books as Erin's schedule fills up fast. - Book Now!
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